About JW Shervey & Associates

Contact us to learn more about increasing production and profits in ways that reduce accidents.

John W. Shervey & Associates is a professional services corporation, which has been assisting employers to develop proactive human resource programs for over 30 years. We are active in professional associations and John Shervey serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington Self-Insurers Association.

We have experience working with a wide variety of employers both locally and nationally ranging from manufacturing/fabrication, hospitals, school systems, wood products, printing/publications, and others.

We maintain strategic relationships with other providers who share common beliefs, allowing us to offer a wide range of services that compliment a company's goals.

Many initial requests involve helping companies to gain control of spiraling workers' compensation costs, for which we offer effective solutions. Companies then begin to realize that most accidents, as well as those most likely to be injured are reasonably predictable, and there are ways to avoid upset conditions from occurring in the first place.

The most proactive employers realize that upset conditions do not have to be included in the cost of doing business. Promoting employee involvement and sharing tricks of the trade before this knowledge is lost during turnover not only promotes employee retention, but creates sustainable programs that offer the best return on investment.

The most effective Safety Programs focus on solutions to promote attainment of common goals rather than creating secondary missions.