Human Resources

Contact us to learn how involve employee participation and involvement in ways that increase production while reducing turnover and crisis management.

Management grades Human Resource departments on their ability to attract, hire, retain and support a productive workforce. Employee retention is rapidly becoming one of the greatest challenges.

The cost of employee turnover goes well beyond finding, hiring and training new employees. It's the knowledge, or tricks of the trade that walk out the door during turnover can generate the most serious problems. Employee relationships with supervisors is one the most accurate predictors of the number and average cost of claims.

Our focus on increasing employee involvement in ways that help supervisors interact with employees provides positive reinforce for positive behavior. At the same time, services identify behavioral related issues as they develop rather than after confrontations. ASAP (Accident Supervisor Assistance Program) is one example of how we can assist supervisors to identify and address problems as they develop before surfacing at the HR level as a serious conflict.

Demonstrating ways of increasing production and profits through employee involvement can be one of the most effective ways to assist Human Resource departments succeed at achieving their goals.