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Maximum Production/Profits = Capacity - Interference

The standard measure of success for management is the ability to Maximize Production/Profits. While able to create the structure and environment to provide Capacity, they are reliant on others for hands-on work. The key to optimal production is reducing Interference. Interference is anything causing an upset condition, delay, waste, employee frustration or turnover, and "solutions" that create secondary missions and produce additional interference, such as the "flavor of the month" safety program.

We help companies control the Interference that retards Capacity, Production and Profits.

"Why are we always chasing accidents?" "We wouldn't do it this way if Safety was #1." Our most common point of entry is assisting companies to develop systems to reduce workers' compensation expenses by up to 50% over a three-year period. However, the true cost of interference goes well beyond just these costs.

Our sustainable programs develop proactive processes that promote employee involvement to identify and correct interference before it reduces capacity. We specialize in capturing knowledge and tricks of the trade from the most productive employees and passing it on to existing employees as well as new hires.