John VonLossow, Safety Director, McKinstry
I wanted to find out why we were having so many incidents in our sheet metal shop and decided to poll our employees to find out where they felt our next incident(s) were most likely to occur. Once we had their input, we asked them to help develop safety-training videos to allow us to pass on their skills to others, and visa versa. Combined with other employee programs, we saw our costs fall while production and employee accountability/commitment increased.

Edie Bottemiller, Workers' Compensation/Safety Manager, Renton School District
We are using a variety of services, such as accident reenactment training to become more proactive in our accident prevention and accident response programs.

Martin Hammond, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations Seattle Times
We've used their services in some challenging situations such as with employees working independently at nights, crews working on tight deadlines, etc. They were accommodating to our needs as well as offering creative solutions.

Dave Kaplan, Executive Director, Washington Self-Insurers Association
John has been an active member of the Washington Self-Insurers Association for a number of years, and has demonstrated his expertise and knowledge in presenting at numerous conferences, training programs, and regional meetings we have hosted.

Dr. David Hanscom Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Seattle Neuroscience Specialists with Swedish Medical Center, Seattle John has continued to refine services to help employers become more proactive in dealing with safety and return to work issues throughout the time I have known him. This also makes it much easier for doctors to provide effective help.

Bill Johnson, Workers Compensation Manager
We have used the "Red Packet" accident reporting process, along with the job analyses and alterative duty descriptions very successfully. I had experience with these tools with a previous employer, where combined with other efforts, we realized in excess of a 50% drop in claims costs over 3-4 years.