Return to Work Programs

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A good return to work program can be the quickest path to reducing workers compensation costs. Integrating the Red Packet return-to-work folder into your accident reporting process ensures consistent reporting, requires sure and certain accountability for employees, supervisors and doctors. Most importantly, rather than creating bottle necks, it helps identify the majority of injured employees who will return to work very quickly without creating additional hurtles.

In other cases, temporary Alternative Duty analyses are very effective in assisting employees remain at work, performing productive alternative tasks until they care released to their regular job.

The few employees who may have secondary agendas are quickly identified with reasonable requests to remain on the job are met with resistance. Delays in reporting can highlight and immediately promote further questioning.

Timely reporting, but them delays in the accident investigation process may suggest issues at the supervisory level. Whenever a doctor fails to respond to a reasonable request for assistance in establishing safe work parameters, it may be worth considering an immediate second opinion.