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Creating a safe work environment is actually an outcome measurement or goal. Management can't "do" safety or "cause" safety to occur. What they can do is to create the best environment to allow employees to exercise their ability to make the right decisions every day. The more involved the employees are, the greater their investment in identifying and transferring skills and knowledge, the better your outcome measures and safety will be.

Safety should be the key to achieving optimal production, not a "secondary mission."

Supervisors and Safety Committees can be the most productive tools an employer has. Providing the structure that encourages optimal employee involvement provides the best return on investment. Like all business operations, this requires developing business plans modeled after successful programs. Plans of this nature help supervisors and Safety Committee members focus the majority of their efforts where it will provide the best return on investment.

The best outcome of increasing production at optimal rates, using methods that encourage employee involvement is a drop in the frequently, seriousness and costs of accidents.