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Investing in your existing employees can provide one of the best returns on investment available. Training comes in all different sizes.

Our focus on increasing employee involvement identifies the tasks, activities or locations that will typically provide the best return on investment. Recognizing your best employees by asking them to help lay out the most efficient work procedures promotes recognition, and usually, what gets measured changes. Asking other employees to review the procedures and add their tricks of the trade encourage involvement and contributions from outliers, who might normally remain silent while having excellent skills to share.

Again, our goal is to help companies to develop a sense of ownership of the practices by the employees rather than simply adding secondary missions. One of the secondary benefits is the identification of potential leaders that might otherwise go unnoticed.

While supervisors may be good at producing goods and services, many struggle to identify and take productive measure to intervene when they see an accident waiting to happen. Providing them with the tools to make active decisions, as well as the knowledge of when and how to ask for assistance is one of the keys to prevention as well as early intervention. Many fail to realize how critical the first few moments following an upset condition can be. Immediate reactions and comments can have a significant impact on the motivation of the employee to return to work.

Safety Committees may be one of the most underutilized groups within a company. We provide on-line tutorials that can quickly help committee members develop basic business plans to improve safety in their areas in days and weeks rather than months or never.

Safety Committee involvement should be seen as one of the first steps of advancement.